Welcome to On-StJohn.com!

Welcome to 2007, and welcome to On-StJohn.com! Our new site will be all about St. John, and we hope it will be unlike anything else out there. Like the site says “Muse, News and Reviews. ” Our goal is to load lots of video

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  1. Jeff & Russ,
    Congrats on your new undertaking. Have always enjoyed Bongo’s blog. I’m sure this one will be as enjoyable. Do you have any plans to list RE for Sale advertising? Would be interested in info.

  2. Jeff and Russ
    It’s great to have you guys in a new web site
    and looking forward to all the posts.
    We cannot of course forget Bongo Bongo that
    brought us all together…and of course…..
    a few Red Stripes.
    Cheers !

  3. may i offer a suggestion to any of you reading these boys writings for the first time???? TRUST THEM, LAUGH WITH THEM, AND ENJOY THE RIDE! i have been reading their fascinating (ok that might be a little hyperbole-ish…)informative, hysterical rants and raves for well over a year now and PREPARE TO BE ADDICTED! i would trust their recommendations and info 100%! and having been a devout st john fan for 11 years now, that says alot!
    happy new year!!!

  4. Your Bongo Bongo adventures have been pure entertainment! Even from the perspective of one who has experienced the pain and ecstacy of building on St. John! Best luck in this new adventure and thank you for providing an alternative to that other St. John blog!

    Welcome to STJ – happy New Year, and peace….


  5. Cool, villa tours! Can’t wait to check that out since I’m sure you guys have seen the inside of a good number of places by now! In case you are taking requests …. can I see a little Villa Capiz? And Miles Away and Perelandra. You know, for starters! Happy New Year! Good luck with the new site. I’ll be here daily!

    Mary Beth

  6. Jeff & Russ,

    I have really enjoyed reading the Bongo Bongo blog since I found it last March. This new web site will be a great way to get our daily STJ fix. Enjoy your piece of Paradise and keep writing great stories.

  7. Hi Russ and Jeff,
    I was just thinking how much I’m going to miss your Bongo Bongo blog. Even though we’ve never met, I’d read the blog as if it were a letter from a good friend. But this web site will be just fine I bet. Good luck with it, I will check it often.


    P.S. Thanks for naming me in your last blog entry.

  8. I enjoyed the Bongo Bongo blog so much that I was worried how I would get my daily St John fix, but I am glad to see that you have found a new way to keep me amused.

  9. Hey Jeff and Russ,

    We’ve been reading the BongoBongo blog now for what seems forever, and as sad as it is to see the blog go, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for on-stjohn.com!

    p.s. Any deals for BongoBongo for the guy who let the world know how many times y’all wrote “concrete” on the BB blog??? (nod, nod, wink, wink)

  10. Hi Jeff and Russ,

    Happy New Year!

    I am Wade’s mom.(He’s the tall friendly guy that works at Noah’s Little Arks). He told me all about this site cause he knew how sad I was about the Bongo Bongo blog going away. The Bongo Bongo blog was a cool way for me to keep connected with St. John. Plus I got some great decorating tips.
    Good Luck with this new venture! It looks great and I trust it’ll be just as entertaining as Bongo Bongo blog!
    I hope I can meet you guys some day!!

  11. We are really excited about your website. We will be honeymooning in St. John in May and hope to see some recommendations on great places to eat, drink and places to see. Also, any recommendations on grocery stores and taking a private boat ride to the BVIs.


  12. Hey guys!

    This is fantastic! I’ve enjoyed the Bongo Blog for so long that I was sad when I read it was ending :(.

    Now we still get our Jeff&Russ fix with a few Bongo tidbits thrown in. Yay!

    Happy New Year!

  13. Hey Guys,

    Thanks so much for providing us St.John junkies another way to get our daily fix.

    You Rock!


  14. We are 15 year residents of St. John who just left. We just discovered your Bongo Bongo blog last night and spent hours reading the whole thing! (and laughing alot) I am glad you will contiue with this new website as I am totally obsessed with reading about my beloved island since I am not there anymore. Your helicopter saga was hysterical. Good luck!

  15. Awesome new venture! I loved and read the Bongo Bongo blog every day and I know this new blog will be just as much fun! I wonder what the Bacon Number is for this blog? Maybe there should be a Bongo Number. This blog and people who have stayed at Bongo Bongo (Mary Beth, Tammy, Jorge, Dot, etc.) should all have a Bongo Number of 1. 🙂 What would qualify as a 7??

    Thanks for keeping me entertained!
    (aka California Girl)

  16. I think you are very brave to open this site up to comments!!

    You’ll be happy to know that Nekkid Jorge has given Bongo high marks.

  17. Jeff and Russ,
    Really glad you have kept on the tradition with this site now that BB is complete! – the daily blog AND first On-St John video are great. It keeps us feeling/wishing we are down there. Well done!
    jay & peggy
    PS We’re just down the road in Richmond and also have a place underway near Cruz Bay – it’s about where BB was in Nov ’05.

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