A regular turnpike pit stop

The old Domino station is a total gut job. It shut down about a month ago for an overhaul and it looks like a major renovation. They’re adding at least one more pumping station, giving the attendants enclosed booths and erecting huge overhead canopies. No idea when it will re-open. (The service garage is still open, so getting that flat on the Wrangler fixed for a couple of bucks is still possible.)

That leaves the Texaco station as the only place to buy gas on the Cruz Bay side, along with the other gas station in Coral Bay. The Texaco station can get a bit crazy, but it’s not like there are Carter-era gas lines. A little patience, and you get your turn. Regular unleaded is about $3.60 per gallon right now. Always amazing how fast you can burn through a tank or two of gas on a 20 square mile island.

VIDEO ALERT! On-StJohn’s first video feature airs this weekend! Our first guest: The almost overexposed Ruth Ernst from St. John Spice. (And the elusive Ron.)