Simple Feast simply “closed”

The thing about St. John is that you not only have to ask the right person, you have to ask the right question. Try as we might, we can’t get a straight answer about the fate of Simple Feast. Mostly we hear “don’t know “, but we also hear it’ll reopen as a mini Office Depot kind of place or a mini Costco kind of place or a gourmet wine and foods kind of place. Bottom line is that it’s closed and has been since August and it will reopen when it reopens.

3 Replies to “Simple Feast simply “closed””

  1. Pine Peace is CRAZY! but the liquor prices are the best we found. Even our favorite Vueve Cliquot was a great price there. Cheaper than home if I recall correctly!

  2. I am going to miss Simple Feast. They had yummy sandwiches, and I liked going there for their prepared foods when I felt like eating at the villa but didn’t feel like cooking. Once in a while they had fresh fish there too. Bummer.

  3. Thank you for the update. We are currently on the island and have been driving by the past couple of days wondering what happened to our favorite little store. We used to go there and get their potato salad multiple times during our stay. We tried to convince the workers to give us the recipe every time we went bought some. They always told us no. We are sad to see them go!

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