Beach Break: Little Cinnamon

Introducing a new, occasional On-StJohn feature: Beach Break. There is absolutely no worthwhile editorial content to this feature. Just a video showcase of some of our favorite beaches. A minute or so of beach video. Sometimes stagnant shots. Sometimes we’ll get fancy and mix it up a bit. But otherwise just mindless Website entries. Our first Beach Break is Little Cinnamon Beach on a shady late afternoon. Even in high season, this is one of those beaches you may be lucky enough to have entirely to yourself.

12 Replies to “Beach Break: Little Cinnamon”

  1. I am freezing here! It does get cold in the South. Thanks for warming me up and letting me dream, if only for a minute.
    I am definitely going to hit that beach in May.

  2. THANK YOU! The new website is great and I’m going to love this weekly feature. I’ll miss the BB Blog, but On-StJohn is quickly becoming a favorite.


  3. Cool, thank you for that. Since here in Colorado we’re expecting our fourth big snow storm in as many weeks, I will probably watch that video more than I’d care to admit.

  4. Thank you for taking me out of my cubicle for just a minute this morning, almost made me forget how much I hate this job! Only 135 more days til STJ! How about Maho…got any video of that one?

  5. Look at that…back to back Rob comments.

    One thing would have made that video better: if a shark or monster of some sort came out of nowhere and ate the kayakers. That would have killed me!

  6. How do I love this feature… let me count the ways (or beaches!)

    (Note to Rob: not only would that monster have killed you, it definitely would’ve killed those poor kayakers! haha! Where’s Godzilla when you really need him???)

  7. It’s been exactly 8 days since I’ve been on Little Cinnamon…and that is way too long. Thanks for taking me back. Can’t wait until May!!!

  8. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I felt all my cubicle-stress melt away while watching this video.

    What a great idea!

  9. Okay, someone please tell me why, when I click to view the video, it plays in what looks like a “negative” color scheme? I don’t see green and blues…I see pink, yellow, etc…and can’t make out fine detail? What can I do to fix it? It opens in Windows Media Player.
    Thanks…I want to see my St. John!!!

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