Cool, cool, cool Website

We got to this link thanks to a posting from “bobcside ” on the usvi-on-line forum. Travelistic is a COOL site loaded with travel videos, and its new, weekly show is called The Map. It is hosted by Liza DeGuia, who is hot. No, she is hawt. She came to The Map from Plum TV (a start-up that does local TV programming aimed at rich people in places like The Hamptons and Aspen.) And

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  1. I saw this yesterday on a link from virgin-islands-on-line and loved it. It really made we want to run over to Jost for a few hours and have a painkiller or two or three and play the ring game. Can’t wait for the interview. Too bad she started with STJ, she will be let down with the other places they send her.

  2. This site is awesome. I’m heading for STJ on Saturday and this has me really ready to go. Thanks Jeff and Russ for continuing to keep us up to date on all things St. John! It feeds my addiction!

  3. Yeah yeah, she is hawt. LOL! But that doesn’t excuse the full minute (out of 5) they spent rolling on her coming over on the taxi ferry. St John is way hawter than she is!

    I’m always the critic 😉

    I haven’t thanked you guys yet for continuing to feed my St John fetish, though I was sad to see the Bongo blog say goodbye. Keep up the good work! Thanks Jeff and Russ!


  4. This site is amazing. It make you feel like you’re right there…..well almost…but its the next best thing!


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