7 Replies to “Diver down! A Low Key introduction”

  1. Hey Jeff/Russ!

    Nice spot of Low Key Watersports. We stayed in their villa (Still Waters) for our honeymoon in May/June, and not only is their business awesome, but Bob and Anne Marie run a great villa too – clean, cool, open, and a kick-ass view (just down the hill from Bongo Bongo, folks – not as good of a view as BB, but pretty darn close). Plus, everyone down at Low Key is soooooo nice and extremely intelligent and talented when it comes to diving. If anyone is on the fence about learning to dive, this is the place for you!

  2. Great job you guys…. you have managed to create another web site that significantly contributes t omy lack fo productivity at work.

    I especially like the “On St.John TV” theme music….

  3. EXCELLENT. I am definitely going to check this out when we go down in June. FYI, I looked at Low Key’s Website and the package costs $85.

    Thanks for the video guys!


  4. Yet another reason to be annoyed that we won’t be back to STJ for a while. But…very informative. We’ve rented snorkel gear from Low Key and bought some shirts. I know what we’ll be doing next time.

  5. I agree with Pete…..Russ kind of ….did not
    have…..well lets call it the WOW Factor.. in his
    reaction when getting back on the boat!
    The video was great…keep up the good work

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