3 Replies to “Liza loves Love City”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Great interview.. I can’t believe Liza only went to two restuarants (one of them practically in the street, fun but come on!?) Happy she mentioned Babnana Deck, that place in so underrated! We always get great friendly service and really tasty meals there. Desserts are terrific as well. And it seems no one ever mentions them. Glad Liza gave them a shout out!

    Be well!

    25 more days till touchdown in paradise!

  2. I went to her web site, but she totally missed what St. John is all about, the beaches! Hardly a mention about anything other than Woody’s. I go to St. John every year for relaxation and snorkeling and the National Park. They must really be on a budget not to try one of the amazing Vilas offered on St. John.

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