Mr. Blair, tear down this wall!

Instead of all this war stuff, Bush and Tony Blair should be working out some kind of treaty between the USVIs and the BVIs because the thing about going to the BVIs is that it is kind of a hassle. You’re basically going to England and all, but a five mile boat ride to another island shouldn’t involve jumping through all those Customs hoops. Checking in over there requires some time. Sometimes a lot of time. And you technically have 24 hours to check back in to America after you return, and Customs in Cruz Bay is like the Brandenburg Gate! BTW, don’t forget to write down BVI on your Customs form at the airport under other places you visited. There’s a stamp in your passport, and an on-the-ball Customs agent might just notice that.

Is it worth the hassle?

3 Replies to “Mr. Blair, tear down this wall!”

  1. Treaty? Who needs a treaty? I say we roll the Navy in (or at least some pirate ships) and take the BVIs. It’s not like it’s against American foreign policy to invade at will.

    There’s oil off of Anagada, isn’t there?

  2. This raises a good point: Why do we in the 21st Century have to fight 19th Century naval rivalries just to go have a drink on White Bay? All it does is keep some government bureaucrats employed in the BVI.

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