Redbeard’s returns

You can’t keep a good pirate down. Years ago, and long before our time, famous Skinny Legs was a bar called Redbeard’s Saloon. (Established 1982.) And Redbeard is back. This time in Cruz Bay, not Coral Bay.

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  1. We’ve been wondering what that was going to be…each night when we park at Conrad’s we see a little more progress. Thanks for cluing us in.
    Marcia (Mrs. Pete)

  2. Thanks for the link to grog…think most people relate to it as rum, and do not know about the water history. Keep up all this educational stuff and we will have to call you Dr. Jeff

  3. Oooooh when is it supposed to open? (I hope I didn’t miss that part of the story.) Hopefully while I’m there!

  4. Who are the propietors? Are they on island all the time?
    I would love to see a pirate and a lusty wench behind the bar………….

  5. Pour-your-own: there are a few bars with that system and I was told the rum is cheaper than the fruit juice, so if the customers want to pour heavy on the rum and light on the juice, it’s ok with the owner. Wasn’t there a pour-your-own bar in Wharfside Village?

  6. HMMM…. Hope this pour your own isn’t as scary as Larry’s Landing! That place just looks so shady to me!

  7. A couple of facts for the uninformed. Redbeards was Ted Johnson’s bar out where Skinny’s is now. It’s posted motto was ‘GOOD ENOUGH FOR WHO IT’S FOR’. Ted used a chainsaw to dismantle the old place when he was leaving. I understand he’ll be doing some guest bartender gigs when it opens. It’s Wally from Larry’s that’s opening it… I wish him all the best.

  8. Pretty limited facts Joe – How the place was dismantled is the least of interest to its history Ms Redbeards can clue you all in to relevant facts of interestCoral Bay

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