America has voted, and the next Kenny Chesney lyricist is , ALI. I admit, I choked up over the heroic rescue stanza. ALI, email us. There’s a T-shirt with your name on it. Actually it’s a T-shirt with our name on it.

But there were others that didn’t get voted off the show ’til late in the season. Honorable mention to Augie for having the nerve to rhyme “sit and wait ” with “junkyard bait. ” Pat gets kudos for knowing the word “scow. ” Dale Michael gets a nod for being the first person to ever put in writing the line “jealous of white fiberglass. ” And finally, Rob. Rob made his own rules and we suspect that’s just the kind of guy Rob is. Nonetheless, his reference to the “Je ne sais quoi of Kenny’s most melodic of power ballads ” shows he gets the music business.

Now, if Kenny would just return our emails…

7 Replies to “Ali-oop!”

  1. Hey guys, wow, THANKS for all the fun, not to mention the free tee. I’m a fan of both STJ and Kenny, so I just couldn’t resist and had to join in. I won’t be giving up my day job any time too soon (unless of course there are any lawyers in STJ looking for a legal assistant to do their real estate closings), but I really did have a lot of fun with it and would like to leave you with one final (I promise) muse on this beautiful Sunday morning:

    I debuted my new tune
    Just a little too soon
    and wished I could edit
    Before y’all re(a)d it
    but needed more time
    To finish my rhyme
    I had to add more
    To mention a store
    Not far from that tub
    For hotsauce and rub
    Real near to the dock
    Where the people all flock
    I’ll quit with the tease
    So guess if you please
    You’ve hit on the truth
    If you said Ron & Ruth
    For a very fair price
    You can take home the spice
    And lets give a toast
    To the folks there on Jost
    But you can’t take a car
    To the Soggy “D” Bar,
    And just down the sand
    A great one-man band
    Where he plays his guitar
    and sings like a star
    I’m now a big fan
    Of that cool rasta man
    One Love is the place
    Where he’s playin his base
    To Foxys they come
    To drink of the rum
    The stories he’s told
    ‘bout pirates and gold
    He’ll swear that they’re true
    While you sample his brew
    Real thieves with a sail
    Or a really tall tale?
    A place from the past
    That surely can’t last
    I wish it were me
    To live by the sea
    And you’d better believe
    If you come New Year’s Eve
    The plan is to stay
    From a hard night at play
    So take one more look
    At your hammock and book
    While others make merry
    As they wait for the ferry
    And wait for the shout
    That it’s time to head out
    A last look to the bay
    To reflect on the day
    A real island theme
    It’s part of the dream
    And I just can’t ignore ‘em
    My pals from the forum
    You can meet em on-line
    These new friends of mine
    They’ll plan out your day
    For a stay in Cruz Bay
    The perfect day sail
    Or a hike on reef trail
    These friends near and far
    They meet at the bar
    Not out of reach
    But down at the beach
    where the sightings are many
    Of the man they call Kenny
    So give us a try
    Drop in and say hi
    We share of our fun
    In the land of the sun
    I’ve hijacked my name
    From that man with the fame
    A country rock star
    I’m b-as-u-r.

    Have a great day everyone! Ali~

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