Bellevue Village is an Affordable finalist

There’s a magazine for everything and everybody, and one called Affordable Housing Finance Magazine has named St. John’s Bellevue Village one of

4 Replies to “Bellevue Village is an Affordable finalist”

  1. What a great, encouraging story. We saw those apartments on on our last trip and wondered about them. With all the negative stuff that’s been coming out about greedy, unscrupulous building on STJ, it’s good to hear that something is being done for the folks who actually live and work there year ’round and help keep it a beautiful place.

  2. Every time we drive by this housing development, I’m impressed. I recall the building of this complex and it turned out even better than I could have imagined. It’s truly wonderful to have subsidized housing for the St. Johnians that’s not located someplace where no one dare venture.

    This time the government did good (sic).

    Marcia (Mrs. Pete)

  3. Kirk, wouldn’t we all. Oh well, it was a fair lottery. I’m glad for some of the very deserving people who did get in. Megan in particular comes to mind. She busts her hump to support our favorite island kid, Michael.

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