The Soggy Dollar Sultan

Talk about a dream job. Jerry O’Connell is the proud owner of one of the best places in paradise. But he had to convince the previous owners he was the right guy to take it over first. Meet the guy who has the deed to Soggy Dollar Bar and Sandcastle Hotel, below,

9 Replies to “The Soggy Dollar Sultan”

  1. Jerry’s nothing but a Jeff wanna be in that backwards hat! Good stuff. I hope to get there is year.

  2. I love Jerry and his family. They have done good by White bay……
    I forgot Soggy Dollar has been around so long……..
    Thanks guys….good video

  3. Jerry-

    We have a mutual friend. John Caufield is a neighbor and found our we were heading south for a long weekend. He asked me to look you up. Looking at the weather it looks like renting a boat may be iffy, but if we can make it by the “Soggy Dollar” another way we will do our best.

    Great video hope to see you in a day or two.


  4. jeff,we were just down while all our friends in maryland were digging out …stayed at st. johns for 10 days plus 3 xtra days , snow blocked our flights…SWEET met your son at soggy..a real treat of a young man,remind him it is in the giving that we receive…hope to see you next year…stan and kelly dabkowski

  5. Jerry, I’m sitting here with an old friend of yours, Billy Manders. He recommended I take my old lady to visit as we are traveling to St. John in late April, early May 2010. I’ll shoot you an email to see if there are any rooms available at the Sand Castle Hotel. Looking forward to a painkiller!

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