Jeep Cam: North Shore Road, part 4

We’re getting closer to Centerline Road. This time, we’ll leave the Trunk Bay lot and head to Peter Bay Estates (the entrance only, riffraff like us isn’t allowed past the gate.) A rainy afternoon left the roads wet, and this trip takes us up a couple of serious switchbacks. Don’t follow too closely! North Shore Road, part 4, below.

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  1. Great you made it! Always a sigh of relief when you get to the top. Screeching tires are the St. John version of finger nails on a blackboard!

  2. You make switchbacks look so easy!

    Oh, and speaking of rich people . . . if you own a villa on St. John, you’re a rich mon!

    Looks like Kenny left the gate open for ya ~~~~

  3. Even though we have driven this road a few dozen times I dont think my wife has actually “seen” this part of North Shore Road. She is usually closing her eyes and holding on to the “Oh -S*&# handles” with white knuckles…especially with me driving.

    Maybe I’ll show her this video to show her it really isn’t all that bad.

  4. good afternoon guys
    that was great.
    do those folks know what
    4 wheel drive is mon?
    myself, i love driving
    the roads on stj.
    great job again.
    have a great week.

  5. I thought you could drive into Peter Bay?? I did when I had a client there when I was on island……is there now a guard?
    Thanks again for the ride guys……too bad you guys did not come by anyone hitching that would have been even more fun

  6. Love that bit — but you made it look too easy! In 2WD it’s “Get a good running start… hug the left shoulder as you whip around and up… and pray a truck isn’t barreling down the middle!” So good to be able to revisit that drive. Thanks!

  7. Speaking of PETER BAY– did you hear the story behind the empty niches in the wall leading to Upper Peter Bay? The developer had placed some Italian-style statues in those niches, but “someone” found them to be a bit pretentious, so they all disappeared one night. Their location was a mystery until they were spotted sitting on a rock on Whistling Cay. Not sure where they are now, but last time I drove by, the niches were still empty (or just had flower pots in them).

  8. Fran put it well. The 2 women ni the backseat always think I’m doing something on purpose to scare them. Yea…I built those roads.

    Last trip, our Jeep, shockingly, had 4 bald tires. Coming down the 2nd of the 3 switchbacks, I lost all traction. I had my braked on full and we just started sliding. It was terrifying.

    Not good times. I think I made a mess in my pants that day

  9. Glad to hear other people also have their eyes closed when negotiating the switchbacks. Next time I’ll try keeping my eyes open with my hand on he steering wheel.

    Great ride as always!!!


  10. LOVE THE JEEP CAM! Please drive Gifft Hill next…..we want to see what it’s like up there on the hill.

  11. Loved the jeep cam. I drove that same route twice a day in May going to the beaches, we were staying in Fish Bay. I wish I was there now. I’m in Ohio and it’s snowy and cold. No white sand beaches here, unless you walk the beach covered with snow. Happy Holidays to all.

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