Beach Break: Peter Bay

You’ll probably never go there unless you’re staying there, so we’ll take you there. Peter Bay, below.

7 Replies to “Beach Break: Peter Bay”

  1. Thanks for the PB beach break. We never found the entrance to the beach when we stayed at the Gatehouse and always felt like we were about to trespass on private property. Probably planned it that way to keep us commoners out.

  2. Are you allowed to pull up your dingy on this beach? Looks like a nice place to hang out for a little while.

    Mary Beth, you must be mistaken, that’s MY little white boat. 🙂
    (Now that’s cruising!)

  3. I don’t know about a dingy, Marcia. However, if you have go to Cinnamon Bay it is fairly easy to get to. Take the short hike to Little Cin. (between Cin. and PB). Then it is a short snorkel to PB. If you make it that far, be sure to snorkel out to the point (only if you are a strong swimmer). There are some pretty good reefs out that way.

  4. That’s kinda like the west end of Cinnamon Bay, so I always snorkel over that way when we stay there, just to check out the villas. Technically the beaches are all public up to the high water mark, but so far I’ve never seen anyone on that beach.

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