Bistro open for lunch

The brand new St. John Waterfront Bistro is now open for lunch. Everybody is raving about how beautiful it is and how nice it is to have a high-end restaurant on the beach, but we haven’t heard much about the food. Admittedly, we haven’t been much closer than this picture since the place opened. We walk by and feel underdressed.

Anyway, lunch is now served every day from 11 am to 2 pm.

We can at least look at the menu in our backwards ball caps. Lunch menu ranges from a $7 French onion soup to an $18 grilled yellowfin tuna salad.

Have you eaten there yet? By all means! Share your review!

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  1. Husband and I ate there on the 2nd of March. The food is incredible! Started with the oysters with the blood orange mignonette. I had the Caribbean lobster tail poached in tomato and saffron broth with creamy polenta – the lobster tail melted in your mouth. My husband had the Tuna Nicoise – again simply wonderful. Great wine list and the cocktails are generous.

  2. My parents ate there a few weeks ago. Great food but said service was terrible…VERY SLOW. Let’s put it this way, we ate at La Tapa and swung by to say hello to them afterward and they were just getting their appetizers!

  3. Doesn’t seem very “Tigger-Friendly”…with an $18 tuna salad, hate to see what they charge for french fries!

  4. been there also,was very expensive for what it is.. I belive they will have an uphill battle if they are going to be charging those prices especially for lunch.. will not go there again.. wasnt that great, and service was horrible. do not recomend

  5. I have not been there yet, and I probably won’t try it. Well, maybe a drink, but not if I have to get dressed up! I was hoping it would be more casual with that STJ vibe.

  6. The Waterfont Bistro isn’t “dressy”, just normal casual St. John attire. Even Jeff and Russ would probably be admitted if they flipped their baseball caps around. Of course if they wore their Villa Vittles shirts they’d be in like Flynn, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

  7. The restaurant is FABULOUS. As a St. John concierge who gets around to the restaurants, I must admit that this one is now in the #1 position. The prices are just the same as they are at any other fine dining restaurant on St. John, and when I went the service was great. You have to give a new restaurant a little while to get those kinks worked out! And to anyone who thinks they need to get all dressed up on St. John…you don’t. You won’t. It wouldn’t be STJ if you did.

  8. we ate there last week and the food was wonderful. we sat at the bar and tried a bunch of appetizers, sweetbreads were my favorite! service was also really good. pretty casual attire. my boyfriend went in shorts, polo and tennis shoes and i wore a slip dress and flops. view wasn’t awful either.

  9. We had terrific service – of course I enjoy eating at a leisurely pace. The waiter was attentive pouring our champagne when our glasses were low, but never intrusive. Bill was wearing shorts and a short sleve button down – I had on capris pants and a polo. We thought the prices were about the same as a higher end restaurant her in NJ.

  10. RickG, NoTanLines and the girls booked dinner tonight based the reviews. Sweetbreads…..yum. We’ll post a review and let you know what we thought. Cheers, Christine

  11. FYI–the St. John Sun Times will be publishing our review of Waterfront Bistro in Thursday’s edition. And yes, we’ll try to get it online as soon as possible. (hint: we loved it)

  12. It looks like a great place, very inviting. However we opted for a more casual spot for lunch. Hope they do well. It makes for a nice sequence of bars, with the Beach Bar at the casual end, Bistro at the more formal end, and Joe’s Rum Shack in the middle of the scale.

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