The Flamboyant

The days of enjoying the Flamboyant tree, aka the Royal Poinciana, are numbered again this year. The brilliant red bursts on the hillsides are have started fading away, and once gone, won’t return until next Spring.

These are trees that tell you that you really are in the tropics. The Flamboyant is native to Madagascar, but you can imagine early explorers taking them and planting them wherever they found the latest Shangri-La. They now can be found from Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, to the Virgin Islands, to Hawaii. They grow as far north as South Florida and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

One of the prettiest Flamboyant trees on St. John is this one, at Caneel Bay. Click play for an up close look.

9 Replies to “The Flamboyant”

  1. good morning-happy hump day.
    very nice video, its been awhile.
    that was perfect timing for the bird
    to cross in the lens. nice job.
    (jeep cam, jeep cam, jeep cam)
    have a great week.

  2. Very nice … I missed this feature too. The music added a dramatic and insirational touch. We hit Caneel for our anniversary in less than two weeks.

    Very interesting to learn about this “well travelled” tree. Looks like I’ll be wasting another hour or so Googling more info.

    Have a great day everybody!

    – Kevin

  3. Thanks, nice video! I always forget how magnificent these trees are until they burst into bloom every year.
    Years ago (before we moved here) I grew a flamboyant tree in a pot on my patio in Massachusetts from a seed I got from Luna. I had to bring it inside every winter and it never got to be more than four feet tall but it was quite a conversation piece.

  4. I have one in my back yard here in S. Fl.
    I love the beauty of hit but it has grown so big so the leaves end up on my car………:)

  5. One of the largest Flamboyant trees in the USVI is on St. Croix. It is at the Sand Castle Resort. Go to select (accommodations) then (courtyard suites) There are two photos of this majestic old tree. Click on pictures to enlage…Enjoy!

    Ps They conduct Yoga classes under it too.

  6. I think we were also told this is called “Flame of the Forest.” Anyone else heard it referred to as that?

    Just returned from our first stay on St. John and had beautiful red blooms on the tree by our deck the entire time. What great pictures looking out toward Klein Bay! Hummingbirds really seem to love these trees, too…


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