Beach Bar Dave says “So long ” to St. John

Wedding bells are in Beach Bar bartender Dave Arbogast’s future. But St. John no longer is. Dave and his fiancé, Dana Durfey, are packing their bags and heading for California.

“We’re getting married in August and we’re researching all those little details like buying a home and starting a family, ” Dave tells us. “There are a lot of ex-St. Johnians we know living on the West Coast so it seems like a good place to check out. ”

Dave, who came to St. John from Colorado, by way of school in Kansas City, landed on the island in 1995 and has been at the Beach Bar for 5 years

“We will miss the locals and the tourists, and I appreciate each and every one who has visited the Beach Bar. It is the customers who make the Beach
Bar what it is. ”

Dave trivia:
-His favorite drink to make is plantation punch.
-His favorite drink to drink is Crown and 7 with a lemon.
-He has a pet tortoise named Cheba (who gets to stay on St. John with friends.)

12 Replies to “Beach Bar Dave says “So long ” to St. John”

  1. They are a great couple, I used to work with them at Cafe Roma years ago.

    I wish them both the best of luck!

  2. Yet another end of an era! Best of luck to you both…it’s been a blast! You’ll be missed!

  3. Both Dana and Dave will really be missed here. I am fortunate to have met them and I wish them the best of luck wherever they go.

  4. I love Dave almost as much I love Michelle. Now they both have gone.
    Is Boo still there at all?

    Good luck to them and congrats……

  5. Nobody opens my Red Stripes with the same flare as Dave. Or Michelle. Or Kelly. They’re gone too. Guess it’s up to Boo now!

  6. Dave will be sorely missed. Oh, and we have a pet tortoise, too. His name is Franklin.

  7. Dave,

    If you are reading these posts, good-bye and best wishes from Pete and Marcia. Thanks for all of the bushwhackers with legs.

  8. Missed the blog this morning and am playing catch-up. Dave waited on my family and me tonight at the BB, and he makes a great bushwhacker. Congratulations on your wedding and good luck in CA. Sounds like you’re going to be missed on STJ.

    (P.S. – Can I have your job? I can start tomorrow. 🙂 )

  9. Dave, you will be missed! You’ve always been a person we’d look to as a symbol of “coming home” when we return each year. You (and Michelle) leave some tough shoes to fill.
    Good luck to you and Dana. A great new chapter in your life soon come!

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