Exclusive: Embarrasing tourist video

On-StJohn.com reader Rob ( a.k.a on some of the travel forums as nogooddaddy or pipanale) made a promise to dance the Conga – in a grass skirt and coconut bra – to Ruth at St. John Spice a year or so ago as part of his (no one will EVER remember this) birthday planning for his next trip.

Ruth isn’t one to forget. Ruth calls her chips.

A year has gone by. It is time to pay up. And Ruth’s camera was set to video.

Mind you, Rob seems like a mild-mannered family man with a wife and daughter and a very snarky Website. But this took guts.

Warning: This is not for the faint of heart. See what happens when you make promises on St. John, below…

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA ok the third time put me over the edge! Did they lock the doors to the store before they started that or did Rob scare everyone away?????????

  2. OMG

    That guy has balls! Good thing he had shorts on under that grass skirt.

    I’ve got to watch that again …

    Absolutely Hilarious, LOL!

  3. I promise to never make any promises on On-St.John.com… but … if wearing a grass skirt and coconut bra would get me a vacation on St. John… maybe…. (surely a therapist would be able to help my wife and kids if they ever saw the video)….. You’re a brave man Rob!

  4. That’s hilarious. The thread on VIOL is almost as funny. Glad to see the cups were adjusted properly.

    Ruth, H wondered why you sold coconut bras in your store. Now the mystery’s solved. Too bad she couldn’t have been there for the performance. hehe

  5. Love it! You’re the man Rob. I had to contain my laughter because I’m at work and not suppose to be looking at stuff like this. Tears are rolling down my face as I type….

  6. Never a dull moment here at St. John Spice. Rob was kind enough to leave the coconut bra here just in case anyone else would like to give the Conga Dance a try.

  7. I forgot to mention that we had a new employee who was working the day of the Congo Extravaganza. I think she may be wondering what she’s gotten herself into here.

  8. I haven’t watched it yet.

    I have a pounding hangover from our trip hope.

    Our bags are somewhere between ATL and RDU

    But, when you all get to read what our group “went through” last week on the island, you’ll all appreciate…a tad more…just how utterly insane I am.

  9. HAHAHA!!! How nice of JS to give you your balls back long enough to give us drunk jazz hands. Captain Destructo’s birthday party is this saturday from 1-3, I dare you to bring your getup and dance for him. Bring your own rum.

  10. That was just great. Way to shake it Rob. Ruth, you did a fabulous job! I must remember not to make any promises to you.

  11. That’s good stuff . . .but the stuff on his website is great stuff. And by “stuff”, well go see for yourself. Obviously, what happens in a public pool doesn’t stay in a public pool. Wow!

  12. CAN NOT RESIST .. had to watch a few more times! Ruth, please tell us what he promised for next year????

  13. I’m watching this again and thanking God I never plan to run for elected office. ‘Cuz this is the kind of stuff that ruins political careers, isn’t it?

    I really am an ass. What can I say?

  14. I too had to watch this again (it made my Monday morning). Rob, I’m praying that you were very drunk. Jeff and Russ, your editing and commentary is classic. Has this made it to YouTube, yet? I can see it on the Today Show in the near future 🙂

  15. Click on “Rob” in his post and check out his bathroom photo. How can you explain that Mr. President?

  16. Sophisticated lady (Sophisticated lady, yeah)
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  17. LOVE IT, LOVE IT! I love a man who can conga with the best of ’em! Will we be seeing you on Dancing With The Stars soon? Way to go Rob!! What size were those coconuts, anyway? LMAO!

  18. The Mrs just came down to ask about the bathroom thing.

    Somehow…when I input my web address to comment, it linked to a picture of me…in the bathroom. It was from a series of pictures taken of me shaving off my goatee…last spring I think.

    I’m really a mess. Why I feel the need to document my demented life for everyone to see is beyond me.

    It’s better now. It now links to my dreadful website…where there are pictures of teenagers doing it in our pool.


  19. After careful consideration I feel very deeply that what this clip needs is a camera that can be swallowed.

    Cheers, RickG

  20. That was the best! I’m dying of laughter here! It’s almost as good as my husband doing the chicken dance!

  21. dear ruth, although i just saw this video today, i have to say your next calling is film! i’m actually going to check out options for late jan/feb for vacation. we thought we were going to hawaii to see friends, but richard wimped out when he saw how long it would take to get there. (and with just enough miles to fly direct, no stopping, it was 16-17 hrs. so…he says st. john…yahoo! the new space looks great, and i love the web cam. hope all is well…no snow yet up here in beantown..happy holidays and we’ll see you soon. hi to ron. pat and rich

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