The really easy hike to Honeymoon

To this day, our reaction every time we come through a tree line and onto one of St. John’s beaches is “Wow. ” It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve been there. Honeymoon Beach is no exception.

And here’s the easiest way to Honeymoon. Park at Caneel Bay Resort and walk there.

(BTW, this is probably the prettiest beach video we’ve ever put on this site. Feel free to agree with us.)

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  1. Gentlemen,

    This is by far and away your greatest achievment and should break the all-time highest viewed video record!

  2. Your best beach video and my favorite beach, what an outstanding way to start the day. Honeymoon is the wallpaper on my laptop, I visit first thing every day and daydream frequently.

  3. good morning
    hope you all had a great holiday.
    amazing video, great job. i already
    e-mailed it several people.
    when is hd video coming?
    have a great week.

  4. WOW that was FANTASTIC! Honeymoon is my favorite and that just made me a little home sick or something! Thanks for taking us there.

  5. Ruth and Ron took us to Honeymoon for the first time last spring. It was breathtaking. Thank you for the wonderful video and sound of lapping waves…ahhhhhhh

  6. fantastic, guys! I’ll be coming back to this one over and over!! In all my trips to STJ I have never made it to Honeymoon Beach!! Thanks for the trip!

  7. ahhh .. my wife and I walked over to Honeymoon while we were staying at Caneel a couple of weeks ago. It really is a nice beach. I thought I may have spotted us in one of those shots but the replay is inconclusive. I was ready for my 15 seconds of fame.

    Anyway thanks for the brief “flashback” guys…

  8. What Ben said and Ruth ditto’d. Honeymoon is my favorite beach. Or is it Maho, or maybe Trunk on a non cruise ship day, or perhaps Gibney……Fabuloso!

  9. So nice. My favorite beach if you also include Gibney. Really a better video than the guy in the grass skirt. I swear. But as easy as we think the walk is, my husband complianed about it last year. Then when I took him and the MIL this year, they whined so much I almost left them. That beach is worth every step.

  10. My thanks to Russ for putting together such a lovely video. Jeff: Let’s be honest…we know where your talents lie when it comes to videos.

    All-time record?

    Come on.

    It’s going to take something to be the new #1.

    (Not helping…I know)

  11. Agreed, indeed! One of the best in a field of great videos. Liked the music a lot. Need to visit that beach in person… now that we know how to get there. And no jacket required, eh?

  12. Beautiful…why the heck am I sitting here in the German rain if there is a place like Honeymoon Beach? I´m so psyched about this website that I just discovered – you are such a St. John´s local VIP now – cool! I feel honored to having met you! Thanks for your taking me to paradise in a daydream…

  13. I wanna go. Please!!!! Can’t wait until Feb. I don’t think it looks like that right now though with all the weather. Fantastic video. Keep them comming. Everyone here in the office is jealous.

  14. Wow….thanks for the beautiful daydream (the dryer buzzer pulled me back to reality!!)…UHHH!! Gotta watch this again!
    Thanks guys!

  15. Nice work. We took Lind Point Trail last trip and it about killed the missus. We’ll park at the resort and walk easy next trip. or maybe rent a dinghy.

  16. Thanks alot…thanks for letting everybody in on a well kept secret. Thanks for not mentioning some of the best snorkling is just to to the right when you get to the beach…or that there’s usually no more that 12 people on the beach even during High season…so thanks alot…

    Really…Ii do TY for the vid…brst beach in the world!

    Guess it’s time to get planning spring break ’09…damn you…double damn you.


  17. That was awesome – so do anyone know if the trail would be wheelchair accessible – I went via Lind Point and I know that isn’t – thanks, diane

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