Thar she blows, aye Hanna

A guy who lived on St. John for years once told us he thought the coolest thing about cable TV was the Weather Channel. Every fall, you could watch the radar images of tropical storms likely to form, “and see one bright red fireball after another being thrown off the coast of Africa. ”

We don’t know how cool it actually is, but that’s a pretty accurate description of the last couple of weeks this hurricane season. Fay, Gustav, Hannah, Ike and Josephine.

Hannah is hundreds of miles away from the Virgin Islands, but its outer bands are taking the fun out of vacations right now. OSJ reader Ron sends in this clip of almost always-glassy Frank Bay from Wednesday evening.

10 Replies to “Thar she blows, aye Hanna”

  1. WOW!! Cool video! AND very cool music in the background!!

    I must say I am glad not to be down there at this time!!

  2. Hey guys!
    As villa owners, when would you start canceling villa rentals when you can see that hurricanes are coming your direction? Does the management company have specific weather requirements to make that decision?

  3. Nice video. I was hoping it would pan over to Elaine Estern’s studio to see if it was all closed up tight. BTW..Her calendars are now available for 2009.

  4. wow, we have stayed at a villa just off of Frank Bay…never seen it look anything like that. Glad I’m not staying on that boat just offshore!

    Just curious, does anyone know what all of this pipes and tubes are that head over the beach and into the water? they mar what would otherwise be a picturesque little beach that’s so close to “home”.

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