Like the Dip signs? Meet the artist

Annie Caswell is a Coral Bay artist who makes beautiful jewelry, mysterious spirit dolls and colorful paintings. But she’s also the first island artist to immortalize the island’s Dip signs in t-shirt design. And she’s pretty funny too. Meet Annie Caswell, below!

11 Replies to “Like the Dip signs? Meet the artist”

  1. Yeah Annie!

    Definitely check out her website. Annie’s work is amazing.
    Not to mention what a cool chick she is. Great Christmas gifts for all St John lovers, near and far. Don’t forget to put something on your Christmas list. I plan to. When Annie creates something, all of the vibes are good.

    Love ya,
    N,J,J & T

  2. You go girl!! You are such a star!! The artwork looks fantastic. How exciting to know that some of it was created in our studio.
    We miss you tons. The weather and the pictures in St. John look simply gorgeous. I hope you are relaxed and living the island life again.
    hugs and kisses! Tamara

  3. Yo Annie,

    What a great ambassador of creativity and fun in paradise you are!

    Keep it up! kudos Suzanne, Steve and Gabriel

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