The Surly Cantina does not make a good taco. It makes a great taco.

This is the new place in the former Paradise Cafe space in Cruz Bay, and we are taco-serious when we say the food rocks. You can get your fill for a couple of bucks.

Chef Craig Sullivan, and partner Suzanne Schlessinger opened up the place about a month ago, and business is booming.

16 Replies to “Taco-licious”

  1. Such a flattering picture of young Russel there.

    Do they still make smoothies though? I liked my smoothies from Paradise Cafe.

  2. If I’m not mistaken…Craig did a stint at the Tamarind…no? I remember his food being exceptionally good! Heck of a nice guy…too! I can hardly wait!

    65 & counting…

  3. I had the steak burrito the other day and God it was good. Real steak it it!! Definably a must have and I drive from the other side of the world (Coral Bay) to get it!!

  4. I wouldn’t really call it fast food. We tried to go there for dinner the other night and there was only one person ahead of us on line to order. We waited five minutes for the woman behind the counter to turn around and tell her (the woman in front of us) that she had to first tend to the three people already sitting at tables as none of them had been served yet. So, we walked away and went to Cafe Mojo. So, seems like timing may be factor on visiting this place.

  5. Oh boy! Tacos!!!!!!
    Want an awesome idea, quick and tasty, and finally place you can get decent quick eats without using up your dinner/cash budget! Great idea!!!
    Can’t wait to try it in June.
    Good luck to you!

  6. Howard! You’re the only person I’ve heard that was in a hurry. Slow pace, layback and timeless are some of the beauties of StJ

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