Even more press for La Plancha

These guys have had more press than any new restaurant we remember opening on St. John, us included. But it wasn’t all the press, or the subsequent fab reviews that made me want to eat here. It was the lure of one thing.

The 1 pound ribeye cooked a’ la Plancha.

And I was not disappointed.

These guys have very promising careers ahead of them. You really should make it a point to eat here. (And if they have extra radish sprouts, ask for them.)

The very charming Jason, Mike and Jonathan, and the 1 pound ribeye, below!

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  1. OK I’m sold !! I’d like to make my reservation for 6:00 on March 14th.

    By the way, how much is the 1 lb. ribeye ?

  2. I just might be able to eat all that after a full day at the beach!!!!

    How soon until one of those grills gets installed at Bongo-Bongo????

  3. Looks great! Does the chef have some burns on his arms from the LaPlancha?? YIKES! Easy does it!

  4. I’d like to know if they can accommodate someone with a shellfish allergy. I’d love to check it out but I’m not willing to die for it 🙂

    I’ve never gotten sick at any restaurant on STJ but the one cooking surface makes me nervous.

  5. We are very accommodating, and any allergy or dietary restriction can be met with ease. As far as a website…we’re still getting on our feet, but we hope to have one up by the end of season. We generally don’t take reservations for parties of 5 or less due to our relatively small space. Anyone who would like any more information can call me at the rest. virtually any time of day or night(save for Sundays) at 777 7333, or email me at jo.nathan.aquaman@gmail.com. Thanks for the sweet plug jeff, you’re not a jerk, i dont care what anybody says…

  6. oh yeah, keep an eye out for a 7 course valentines day tasting menu!! Prawns, Tuna, Steak, oh my!reservations are a must. 7 wines included for $95 per person!

  7. Excellent meal and service with great energy with the tripartite owners. These 3 will hopefully succeed. Will definitely return. The tuna was exquisite.

  8. Alright, now that you guys are celebs, we are allowed to give you crap for wearing the same shirt at the Friends party as in the video. It’s a cool shirt but celebs aren’t allowd to wear the same thing twice.

  9. We also definitely give La Plancha 10 thumbs up!!! Unfortunately, none of us had the ribeye! Everyone had a small plate and salad. The seared sea scallop looked amazing and our dining companion said it tasted amazing! I had the Caesar salad and the chicken/beef skewers. Delicious! My husband had the crab croquettes and the tiger prawns and the fourth person had the mixed green salad and she also had the prawns. They loved it. Nice wine list. The bar is fabulous. Oh, my husband and I got there early, sat at the bar and chatted with the guys, had a lovely cheese plate and some wine. We will definitely go back next visit to St J and highly recommend it.

  10. Cant wait to have dinner at your restaurant! Will be there this Wednesday…Hooray…..:)

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