Inside Grande Bay

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There is a HUGE difference between staying close to town and staying IN town. It’s a fun change of pace.

We’ve stayed at Grande Bay twice in the last two months and are about to stay here again. Last time, the Jeep burned up less than a quarter tank of gas, sitting mostly in the parking garage.

You can walk to a couple of great beaches (Solomon’s and Honeymoon), there is plenty to explore in Cruz Bay at night, the views are great and the Ferry horns are your morning wake-up call.

Here is a quick look around Penthouse 04. It’s small, but it’s got a big deck and, it’s $195 a night. There are larger units too.

If you’re interested, e-mail Kim, or call her at 340-998-1978.

12 Replies to “Inside Grande Bay”

  1. good morning
    now thats a great looking place for 195 a week.
    i wonder i gbe has a shared pool area.
    nice job on the video.
    have a great week. we will here in nj with a foot of snow coming.

  2. The rainbow at the end was a nice bonus feature!
    (and if I could get it at Quenton’s price of 195 a week, I would book it today!:-)

  3. Why did they build the deck wall so high? When you are sitting on the patio you’ll just be looking at the concrete wall. Uck.

    Nice Cruz Bay harbour shots though!

  4. We couldn’t agree with you more – maybe we’ll see you at Grande Bay later this month! (after we shovel 15 inches of snow starting tonight…)

  5. We also have stayed at Grande Bay and think it is awesome. We already booked our next stay there. The views are great and the location is excellent. It was a big bonus to be able to walk everywhere. I think once they put the landscaping in it will look a whole lot better.

  6. good afternoon ya’all
    i know i made a typing error. please correct $195 a week to $195 a night. thanks
    also, the foot of snow here is just wonderful.
    have a great week.

  7. Looks nice, and that beats the walk up the hill to Cruz Views! Dangerously close to Larry’s and the Beach Bar.

    Cheers, RickG

  8. We are booked there for June and got a really sweet deal of 500 for the week – for 2 br.

  9. We’ll stick with Lavender Hills this year but might check it out next year if they have good deals.

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