A new racquet in town

There’s a new mosquito swatter around, and it’s kinda dangerous.

That’s it. The bright yellow one. Unlike the ones most of us know and love, this one has no outer layer of screen on either side of the electrified wires.

Okay, maybe “dangerous” is a huge exaggeration, but you can sting yourself. And now that we’ve said so, you know you will try.

No wonder these things fry those mosquitoes. If you zap yourself (either MTV Jackass style or accidentally) you will definitely yelp.

Your thoughts on the new-fangled zappers?

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  1. The “unguarded” mosquito zapper isn’t really new, it just sells out faster than the “give-’em-a-fighting-chance” zappers with the guard-rail built in. It sells out fast because some of us less-sportsman type want to get the job done quickly and efficiently, even if it means taking a hit for the cause. It’s not that we don’t like any given mosquito, it’s their millions of grandchildren we despise.
    As Robert Duvall proclaimed in Apacolypse Now, “I love the smell of burnt mosquitos in the morning!” Or better yet, probably quoting someone, “The only good mosquito is a dead mosquito.”

  2. This ZZZZT shouldn’t be a ZZZZZT problem, but I ZZZZZT don’t know how I’ll ZZZZZT get along without the ZZZZZT sweet spot indicator on ZZZZT the older ones… gasp ZZZZZZZT pant pant ZZZZT…. don’t worrry… I’ll be ZZZZT OK.

  3. I have one of those. As I may have mentioned, a coworker drive them to the states from Canada 2 summers ago.

    Things they can do:
    Nearly short out 10 cubes in an office. This is done by charging one up and touching a cubicle. The charge jumps cube to cube

    Leave a scar. I zapped the Mrs when I got it. One of those “It won’t be too bad”. “DAMMIT!!!!” Then, we had a cousin do the same thing. “What does this thing do? DAMMIT!!!!!” And a coworker…”How bad can it hurDAMMIT!!!”

    It will also send a little flaming trail across a backyard if you his something with a little heft to it.

  4. Since it packs so much power…wonder if you could cook a hamburger or hot dog on one of those things???

    Are you able to get any topspin, or, backspin on the pesky buggers??

    Will this lead to “zapper-elbow”?

  5. Will I be lucky enough to find one or more of these at Bongo next month? Can’t wait to try this on anything that moves…oops, sorry Honey! I’m guessing maybe there should be two so that renters have that ‘mutually assured pain’ deterrent to keep them from swatting a friend!

  6. The “unguarded” swatter was actually the original. When we moved to STJ 10 years ago, that was all you could buy. A couple years later, you could only buy the guarded type – and they don’t work well at all.

    The unguarded killing potential more than offsets any potential accidental zaps!

  7. I agree the unguarded zappers were the 1st ones we ever had — I always look for them and thought maybe they had been outlawed – they pack a punch and will light up a dark bedroom when you get a blood filled mosquito with some waving around at the buzzing critters.

  8. Being the engineer nerd that I am, I measured the voltage between the rungs with the button depressed. Over 700 volts DC with fresh batteries.

    Don’t touch.

  9. Does the bright yellow one come with an extra long extension cord for use on the deck? Do the lights dim at Bongo when you swat a skeeter there? Have any last minute stays been phoned in by the Govenor? Is there a warning label about not using it while in the bath tub? I’ve GOT to get one of those!


  10. There is an even better orange one that was purchased on St Thomas. It’s orange and packs a bigger punch then the yellow ones. We just aren’t sure where it was purchased. However, you can get the yellow one at St John Spice

  11. We have the original model – no protective screens. The grandsons love the zappers – they are 5 and 9 years old. It will entertain them for hours! I need to pick up a second one – they fight over the one I have.

    Both of my son-in-laws have touched them and been zapped. LOL

  12. Looks like you have the entertainment set for the upcoming Villa Vittles contest party!!! No need to hire a band…just zap mosquitoes all night long!

  13. It’s not the color, but the battery size…..
    These are 9volt, we bought one (yellow/guard) at
    Pine Peace Market last year for the invasion that takes 2 D batteries. I won’t use it….it scares me every time it “pops”. It’ll take down big stuff,
    think spiders.

  14. Oh, forgot….we also have one of the “originals” no guard, they work the best. That’s the one I use.

  15. I fried an inch-long cockroach with one of the unguarded ones. Sure, it sizzled and blue flames shot out of its antennae, but the work got done.

    Think of the scene in The Green Mile when they fry poor Dellacroix.

  16. There’s a certain moth here in Michigan that disappears in a small burst of flame. Amazing.

    It’s also fun to stick one out the window while you drive down the road.

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