The Soggy-Cam

The Soggy Dollar Bar would like you to visit every day, but since that is unrealistic, owner Jerry O’Connell will settle for a daily cyber-visit.

The Soggy Dollar has a brand new Webcam.

“With so many of our fans and visitors living elsewhere, we wanted to have them able to experience the beauty of White Bay all year round,” Jerry tells us. “The camera is on the roof of the bar facing the beach and St. John and St. Thomas.”

He says the Webcam is averaging about 4,000 visits a day right now. The image refreshes every 25 seconds, although the auto-refresh remains a little buggy.

Soggy Dollar is busy getting ready for its next big event. Its self-created Best Beach Bar in the Caribbean, the 4th annual this year, is scheduled for July 18.

16 Replies to “The Soggy-Cam”

  1. beutiful website!
    No webcam that I could find.
    Nice still image from yesterday afternoon though.

  2. I am already on that cam three times a dsay! It’s interesting how the weather may be different then the St John Spice cam !
    It’s all so very cool!
    Now all I want is a live feed!! 🙂

  3. also already addicted – got an email from them last week! Great clarity and it makes great wallpaper throughout the day!! 🙂 Happy Thursday!

  4. I love this webcam. I’ve had it on my favs since they fired it up a couple of weeks ago. They have a few bugs to work out (like all day today, it’s showing yesterday afternoon) but…it’s cool.

  5. It’s been the same picture of some guy in t-shirt and shorts walking to the left all day. No refresh 🙁 Hope it works better soon

  6. To Carib Mark,

    Check it out now…(3:10)there are lots of people milling about on the beach with their painkillwea! I so wish I was there as well! 🙂

  7. Have been watching the Soggy cam for a few weeks … love the ocean sounds!!

    I have: St. John Spice Cam, Villa Serendipity Cam, now the Soggy Cam!

    Jeff & Russ, the next time you go to report from the Soggy Dollar, please post when you’ll be there so we can watch you guys “work”!

  8. I had a great time watching Captain Brandi “work” on the Soggy Cam a few days ago, but I don’t know how to post the images here.
    It was great fun.

  9. Thanks for sharing this! It’s even better than the Cruz Bay Web Cam. Wish I was there everyday!

  10. The Soggy-Cam is saving my sanity. We will not be in the islands this year so it is a slice of heaven for me. I just saw my brother-in-law waving to us on the cam. Guess I will have to start wearing my St. John braclet to work. Thank you and see you next summer!

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