HGTV’s “not so real” reality show

This is Ted and Sharon Prosser, who will star in House Hunters International, currently scheduled for 9:30pm, June 14, as the cable show follows them around Coral Bay hunting for their dream villa.

We’re anxious to see it, but we were surprised -maybe naively so – to learn that the “hunting ” was already long done by the time the show’s producers came around.

“The show isn’t really a reality show, ” Ted tells us. “You have to own the house already that gets picked at the end of the show. ”

In other words, the Prossers had to be very good actors. HGTV does redeem its credibility, since the other houses in the show were actually properties the Prossers looked at.

Ted and Sharon settled on Into the Mystic, a great-looking place!

Read our interview with Ted about his St. John house hunting and the show, here!

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  1. The only thing real anymore is sitting in the white sand while shoulder deep in the waters of Cinnamon Bay, surrounded by curious fish as a bottle of Carib beer floats within reach, sparkling in the sun.

  2. Perhaps a spoiler alert was necessary? LOL

    Jeff, funny thing about Into the Mystic. It’s former name was Banana Wind and we were scheduled to stay there for our honeymoon in 2006. However, between the time we booked and we were due to travel I was contacted by the owner to let me know they had a change in plans and would be living there full time by the time our travel dates came around.
    They gave me a full refund of course but now I was out of a honeymoon plan! I thought of changing the location all together but really had my heart set on STJ so back to the drawing board I went. Shortly after that I found Bongo Bongo and was so lucky it was open for our dates! It worked out perfectly in the end 🙂

  3. With these newest celebrities on island, Bongo Bongo will have to get a bigger table for the next Villa Vittles Cook-Off.

    If I ever find out the winner of the Steak Cook Off was predetermined in order to boost ratings and ease production, I will cancel my OSJ subscription and demand a full refund:o)

    But I know we can trust Jeff and Russ to run the an honest reality show… If, after I buy my island villa, HGTV wants to pay me to walk through other villa contenders… I will have my pen ready to sign the papers!!!!

  4. Even the show Speeders is staged. A friend of mine got pulled over by them and they told him how to act and took multiple takes.

  5. Guy’s maybe you could edit the “decision” out of the info – don’t spoil it for so many who are looking forward to guessing their choice. But still a great article from you 🙂


  6. I KNEW that House Hunters Inteernational was filmed down there and I have been watching faithfully for the airing! Thanks for the heads up!!

  7. This is the officel air time for the House Hunters International on Directtv

    House Hunters International: Vacation Villa in the Virgin Islands
    A honeymoon in St. John spurs a search for a second home.



  9. then we’ll sit with our noses pressed to the computer screen instead of the tv screen waiting for news… thanks

  10. Friends
    Who knows with HGTV, BUT Direct TV and Dish TV has the show featuring our house on St John USVI ” Into The Mystic” airing Sunday night at 9:30 PM HGTV House Hunters International

    We are not very good actors But the house is gorgeous!!!


  11. Ted-

    The house looks incredible. We want to rent it as soon as the baby is old enough for us to sneak away for a week… Jamie and Brittany Turner, Biltmore Lake NC

  12. I have been looking all over for the show online and i cant find it, did it actually air. We are renting it in december for 10 days and i wanted to check out the episode but i cant find it anywhere. Does anyone know if it aired, if so does anyone have a link for it?

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