Dream Weaver is a Price is Right prize

Captain Jini Lewis and her St. John Dream Weaver sailboat charter will get some game show fame soon. An overnight charter with the Captain will be part of a St. Thomas vacation prize package on The Price is Right, scheduled for Dec. 4.

“They were researching sailboats to offer as part of the prize and they saw my Website, ” says Captain Jini. “I am taking the winners on an overnight trip to the BVI’s. ”

Captain Jini moved to St. John 17 years ago, and says she never intended to stay.

“The original plan was to save enough money to buy a boat and sail around the world, but I ended up having a son. He’s 11 now and the coolest kid on the planet, but now I have an 8 year exit strategy. As soon as he’s in college, I resume the around the world plan. ”

CBS also needed video of Dream Weaver, and we got the job. We’ll post it after the show airs. Or, you can Tivo The Price is Right on December 4th.

9 Replies to “Dream Weaver is a Price is Right prize”

  1. I can only imagine the characters that will win this prize. I just don’t see that many folks on the show who look like charter yachtsmen.
    I recently went on a gruop charter on Lake Michigan and some of the folks showed up dressed for a wedding with suits, ties and high heels. Of course they all probably thought we were slobs with our boating clothes and flip flops.

  2. We had a great time with Captain Jini (pronounced Genie). We snorkeled some of the most amazing coral in the area, had a fantastic lunch and had a great time. I would love to do the overnight trip next time!

  3. Jini and her boat were one of the highlights of our vacation in STJ last year. I’m glad to know she’s still around.

    She knows the area, she’s a wonderful hostess, and, well, face it, she’s pretty, too.

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