Jeep Cam: North Shore road work

Wanna see your stimulus tax dollars at work?

Buckle up for a ride through Phase 1 of a year-long project to redo 8 miles of your favorite beach road.

10 Replies to “Jeep Cam: North Shore road work”

  1. Was it Sunday? Lunchtime? After hours? Cookies and milk time? Nap time? Where are the workers?

    They soon come.

  2. I think that was one of the workers driving his shopping cart down the street.

    Each phase will take a year. How many phases are there?

  3. Nice job on the cones, I see they go almost all of the way to Lindquist. What else have they done? I’ll take a ride over this morning to see for myself.

  4. Observations:
    Hey…you’re driving on the right. That’s odd.
    There must be a strip of I-80 in New Jersey that looks funny ever since St John stole its barriers
    The U-turn needed more star wipe
    In the end…I’m all for paving. I look forward to driving on it in July

  5. Must be a “go hide” governmnet job….had a friend who did government jobs and that was his term..said the work crew would simply post a “look out” to stay awake while the rest of them slept during the day…they just had to look busy when the infrequent inspectors came by….that said, this is one of the better examples of the money being spent that I have seen…long term value to the community is better than paying folks to stay home.

  6. I’ve watched every Jeep-cam and I still can’t get used to the driving on the left! Strap a martini shaker onto the dash, drive that route, and you’ll end up with a martini James Bond would be proud of…there’s a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on!!!

  7. Guy riding the shopping cart is classic. Just like Los Angeles; traffic, never ending road construction, and bums with carts. Ahhh, paradise.

  8. I see you hurried your ass down the hill to the Mongoose Junction parking lot. All that stressful driving deserves a Tap Room cold one!!

  9. Thanks for the Jeep-Cam segments! I would rather be sitting at a red light in St. John than driving back and forth to work here! Anytime we need a virtual mini-vacation, a Jeep-Cam segment can transport us there instantly. Can’t wait to visit again…

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