Vietnamese coffee at Papaya Cafe

Pink Papaya owners John and Linda Dickson took over the former Book & Bean store at Marketplace about a year ago, and the store is now stacked to the rafters with books, both new and used.

The Papaya Cafe also carries local art, and serves up coffees, teas, smoothies and snacks.

We’ll introduce you to Linda and tour Pink Papaya a little later.

Today, we visit John, get a tour of Papaya Cafe, and sample his specialty, a mean iced Vietnamese coffee. Meet John Dickson, below!

15 Replies to “Vietnamese coffee at Papaya Cafe”

  1. its the best book store on island. plus you get to have the most amazing coffee drinks and conversations with people you never meet before. you almost think your in paris or someting.

  2. Never heard of Vietnamese coffee before. It’s iced so I will give it a try. I love coffee but somehow the St John heat usually keeps me away from the bean juice. Did you notice what time they open on Sundays?

  3. I wish this had been around when I lived on island. I would have been there every day! Instead I had to get my books at Larry’s Landing,and we all know they didn’t serve that yummy coffee.

  4. This may replace my chai jump up……..will definately try it when I am on island. I am so happy they decided to keep it a book store. John is right, we need a book store. I went to see Sheffy and the books he had to lend at Deli Grotto.
    Thanks Jeff and Russ…….

  5. PAPAYA CAFE’ at Marketplace on St. John is ow selling my newest CD, FOCUS (FOR OUR CHILDREN UNITED STRONG) and 100% of the proceeds benefit ST JOHN COMMUNITY CRISIS CENTER. Will help support counseling and outreach for victims of violence and abuse. Will return to LOVE CITY as I affectionately call my home of 10 years where I taught Elementary Music until 1992.
    Thank you to Michelle of STCCC for making the lovely artistic sign to promote the CD’s in the shop, said the music inspired her!
    Please check out this long awaited presentation of me with some of the world’s BEST musicians alive!
    You will NOT be disappointed!
    Thank you sincerely to John and Linda Dickson for your generosity and caring spirit, support the cause and eat and drink the finest while doing it!
    If you can read this, thank a teacher! : ^ )
    Want to get involved or need help or know one who does call: (340) 693-7233
    Often too hard for victims to reach out, find out what you can to assist and may not one more child witness violence or abuse today!
    The lives you save could be your own!

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