The Pusser’s Red Box Webcam

The ultimate “I’m Here and You’re Not” photo opportunity can be sent live to your snowbound friends from the Pusser’s Red Box on beautiful Marina Cay in the British Virgin Islands.

A genuine, antique English phone booth sits on the fuel dock with a high-resolution Webcam that takes a picture every 15 seconds and lets you call your friends and wave (or thumb your nose.)

Or you can just do a group pose and retrieve it from

6 Replies to “The Pusser’s Red Box Webcam”

  1. The top picture is the required “posed group shot”….the bottom picture is a… “two video geeks inspection shot” 🙂

  2. So Russ is taking a picture of himself while the webcam is taking a picture of him taking a picture of himself?? Or, is he still in the witness protection program and has found a creative way to protect his identity?

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