Coral Bay sign filling in

Just like a Chia Pet, the new Coral Bay triangle sign is starting to fill in.

Close to a dozen businesses have staked their claim on the big billboard, and artist Cheryl Geller’s “Welcome” arch is now up.

There’s room for 32 signs, and the Moravian Church, which owns the land the sign is on,

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  1. The more this fills, the more visitors are going to have to get out of the car to read all of it and figure out which and where.

    But your article reminded me to start up my Chia-Obama I got for Christmas! He and it are great!

  2. Well, the sign looks nice but, when you are a first time driver on the island, and you don’t know where you are going, the little signs will not help you. I know first hand that the huge signs with arrows pointing you in the right direction were the only thing that helped me get to were we had to go.

    Best of luck, but, I don’t believe is has the tourist’s best interest in mind. The locals usually know where they are going.

    Happy Wednesday! 29 degrees in New Jersey

  3. Lookin’ good! Looks to me like they are posted on left or right side of the divided sign as to which way you need to turn. Maybe an arrow at the bottom indicating this would be helpful to tourists who aren’t familiar.

  4. The white “planks” on the top of the sign are actually arrows. I have been driving past this sign for months now and only just figured that out – not very clear imo


  5. Thanks Pia! Maybe they should put up a sign letting people know those are arrows! Ha ha! If that’s the case though, the right side will be far more covered than the left side. Oh well, StJ isn’t about perfection…or getting it right…it’s got quirks (the island and the sign).

  6. I think they should put a WELCOME TO CORAL BAY rum cart right there in the middle of the thing, like when you get off the dock in Cruz bay. Then visitors can gander at the signs while bringing down the blood pressure from the harrowing decent into Coral Bay and decide which way to proceed with their adventure without so much pressure…..

  7. Cheryl’s “Welcome To Coral Bay” looks good8 imho.
    The rest of it looks like the last page of the Tradewinds classified section.
    Very “K”lassy.

  8. Jeff, that is an excellent idea!
    Maybe Cheryl can paint those white arrows to match the arch.
    I like it!

  9. Thanks for all the interest in this sign that I designed. This sign structure itself it only about 75% complete. all four arrows (2 top & 2 bottom) are yet to be painted and the Skinny Legs feet have yet to take their position under the bench. So stay tuned… -cheryl geller

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