Jeep Cam: East End

This is for die-hard Jeep Cam fans only. It’s a real-time, six minute ride from the Haulover Overlook to the Coral Bay fire station.

It is also one of our favorite drives. A true roller coaster experience! Buckle up and come along for the ride.

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  1. That…urp…was…ugh…GREAT!!!! That was sure was a roller coaster ride! Thanks for showing us green trees and sunshine…we haven’t seen the sun in two weeks! Whoever replaces struts and brakes on St. John must be a bazillionaire…

  2. Definitely an E-ticket ride. Loved the glimpse of your shadow (and the tripod) about 2 minutes into the ride!

  3. One of my favorite drives too! I love taking STJ newbies up the triple switchback between Trunk Bay and Peter Bay hill – always worth a few gasps and white knuckles….
    Thanks for the free ride, the sunshine, the color green and water shots.

  4. Wow! All I need to truly feel like I’m there is a belly full of Vi’s couch fritters and a couple of Heineken’s.

  5. That is pretty out there but I have to agree with Carib Mark. I was up there a couple of weeks ago and it started to rain. My jeep started to slide. Not the place for that.
    Nice job on the jeep cam guys.

  6. I love that drive and loved, loved, loved the video. Looks like you were getting some of that blinding later afternoon sun? That sun can make the drive a bit more challenging!

  7. Can’t wait to show this to family that we’re bringing down with us in a month- to give them a little taste of what they’re in for! Love that drive, love the jeep cam!

  8. You might have given us a warning to take our motion sickness pills first!! The first time my gal pal who is deathly afraid of heights came to visit, her comment was, “these aren’t steep hills, they are **** vertical climbs”. Handed me her camera to take pix of the vistas while she stayed belted in the car!!!

  9. Put your arms in the air and you truly are on a roller coaster. The island looks so green! Thanks for another fantastic Jeep Cam.

  10. After that drive I need to quench my thirst at Skinny Legs! Come on everyone! The first round of internet drinks are on me~

  11. I’m with Pianogrl! Love Jeep Cam and the music :o) In fact, the music is the ringtone for my phone!

  12. Wow! Just as I remember it! I watched the jeep cam earlier this morning but, was running a little late for work so, I wasn’t able to comment until now. That make me want to take off tomorrow and fly down. I love to drive the island. The switchbacks are tricky but, once you drive it a few times, you get the hang of it. Well, good night from New Jersey! See you again tomorrow!

  13. That’s one of my favorite drives too!… and probably my favorite Jeep Cam yet! I wish I could see that instead of what we are going to be seeing here tomorrow!
    Thanks guys :)!!!

  14. Love it. When we were down in November, my husband decided to try a run from Cocoloba out to Vie’s. The key word here is “try”. The actual word was “fail”. But he had a gorgeous, tough 4 mile walk, with a lovely swim at Vie’s beach at the end…not a bad workout.

  15. Love it, thanks! (Steph, you know I loved the real thing – a major highlight of the trip.) And… what IS the Jeep Cam music? It’s stuck in my head (in a good way) and I want it. On my phone, on my laptop, on a CD – what is it? TIA for artist & title 🙂

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