10 Replies to “40 years of Soggy Dollars”

  1. WOW! Sorry we missed it! Shaneek, beautiful as ever….BOZ? well what can you say, always a cutie!

  2. I checked out the webcam on the big day and the day after the big day. Super packed both days. Maybe a lot of people just slept in the hammocks over night and woke up with a painkiller. Good idea right?

    Happy birthday Soggy…great video John.


  3. Yikes, what a crowd! Thanks for taking the time to make that video for those of us who couldn’t make it, Captain John.

  4. Does anyone else get creeped out by the fact that most people rarely use the facilities at Soggy Dollar?…..all the while drinking hours on end while sitting in the water.

    Just curious,

  5. Fantastic video- thanks Captain John! Looks like it was a great party….. maybe we’ll make it for 41 next year.

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