Jeep Cam: John Head Road

John Head Road is a bumpy, winding road – at times, closer to a trail – that connects Centerline Road to the North Shore Road.

There are some outstanding ruins on this road, as well as several beautiful villas, most of which are reached before John Head Road gets dicey on its lower third leg.

This road would eat a Prius alive, but with 4-wheel drive and a little patience, it’s quite passable, even after days of rain.

It also takes about 15 minutes to drive the mile it covers, so we’ll speed it up for you. John Head Road, in fast mode, below!

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  1. It looks like all the recent rain did some major “work” on the road. I’ve been on that road many times and this was by far my speediest trip. thanks

  2. What a ride! Loved the little chipmunk voices, sounded like Alvin in fast mode!!! Been down that road, but I think we turned around, we’ll have to try it this trip!

  3. Some of the islanders told me there has been funding to pave this road but somehow the money gets diverted elsewhere each time.

  4. Wheeeeee!!! Arms in the air, hair blowing back,big grin on my face….wait, what? You mean that wasn’t a roller coaster ride?!

  5. My oh my! I don’t think a rental car would be covered for traveling that road. Is that a one way? By the way, do they having towing service on the island? I never see any of the cars broken down. I can imagine that their transmissions last long.

    Hapy Saturday! Really missing St. John!

  6. It looks like some of the roads we traveled in Tortola a few years ago – scared to death!

    Oops! I had a few typos in the last message, I guess I need to go to sleep!

  7. The owners of villas in Catherineberg don’t want the road paved and I can’t blame them. Too many people would be driving through there if it were. I’ve stayed in Cathereberg many many times and have met water trucks and cement trucks on that road and believe me it was scary to say the least. Thanks for the ride.

  8. U-r-r-p! Can you pull over to the side of the road NOW, my stomach feels a little flippy-floppy!!! Will you promise me that when you make you Jeep Cam dvd, when you make the “Director’s Cut” portion, you will swap out the wonderful JeepCam soundtrack and, just for the heck of it, replace it with the Benny Hill theme…with the saxophone? the map graphic is a fantastic addition, please keep it, for those of us who haven’t been to St. John for a while it’s great to see just where you are.

  9. We just returned from a wonderful trip to St. John and we stayed in Catherineberg. John Head Road is that rough, but it sure was alot of fun! I don’t blame the owners for wanting to keep it that way or it might become a frequently used shortcut. It’s a VERY slow and bumpy ride the way it is!

  10. Thanks for taking our suggestion! We love driving down that road once every trip. Stop at Catherineburg ruins for a while and poke around and then make the trek to North Shore Rd. Its helpful to have well-padded seats at times! 🙂

  11. Love Jeep Cam!!!
    Love this road also. We stayed at one of the villas in Catherineburg (one behind the green ‘gate’ shown) & love this drive!
    The ruins are not to be missed either…they are great! It really is a beautiful drive; at least to our villa….the other part is just FUN!!!!

  12. Used to walk this road years ago, in May rode it first time I was the driver & I prayed all the way! Its not the only connecting road , one time try the one that passes by Moses house when you want a real challenge to reach the North shore road.

  13. My husband and I drove this road just last January. Thought it was a shortcut. (ha-ha) But on that road there were a couple of signs that I didn’t see on the video. I think it was just past the villas. The first said “I’d turn back now if I were you” and the next said “There be monsters ahead” Very funny. I wish I’d taken a picture, but I was too white-knuckled. Very fun trip. Can’t wait to go back.

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