Bones Rum coming to Cruz Bay

A brand new boutique rum producer will be opening a pour-your-own rum tasting bar and retail store right next to the ferry dock later this month.

Matt Razook is the man behind Bones Rum, named after Treasure Island’s Billy Bones, and this will be his second store. He opened his first location on the waterfront in Charlotte Amalie a couple of weeks ago, where he says business has been great.

“We’re really proud to be producing rum in the Virgin Islands,” Matt says. “We’ve also got rum balls and rum cakes that are made here as well. We’re striving to have as much of what we carry home grown and local.”

What about this pour-your-own stuff?

“It’s exactly what it says. We’ve got frozen drink machines, so if you want a daiquiri, you can make it any way you want. (Or colada, or Bushwacker or Painkiller.) We’re introducing a new rum to the market and going about it in a unique way, and I hope people will see our rum and remember it.”

Bones Rum’s slogan is β€œSmooth rum for the rough seas.”

Below, Bones Rum on St. Thomas, and its future home in Cruz Bay.

29 Replies to “Bones Rum coming to Cruz Bay”

  1. What a superb idea! And right off the ferry dock?! Catch them on both ends of their visit to Paradise.

  2. A shot of rum, a shot of hot sauce from upstairs…a shot of rum, a new bracelet for my wife from Freebird. I see how this works…

  3. Whoa! Can’t wait to check that out!
    Looks like the Beach Bar & Woody’s are gonna loose some of my bar tab~~

  4. No Colleen- just the pit stop we need on the way to Beach Bar πŸ˜‰

    Sounds like fun- hope it’s open before we get there in Feb- island time and all…..

  5. I can’t wait to visit this amazing place, how about February!! I love the slogan what advertising genius came up with that!!Good luck with your 2nd store!

  6. Was at Bones in St. John as it was just opening and completely loved it. The staff was so welcoming and the rum was so smooth, making the best pain killers and passion fruit daquiris on the island. Pure serendipity, highly recommended! πŸ™‚

  7. Stopped at the STJ location and LOVED it!!!! Genius idea and can’t wait to get back and have some more painkillers.
    Is there a website at all or a way to contact them.

    Thanks for the good times…..

  8. we was just there 2 weeks ago loved it bones rum was grate. is there some where we can order and have bones shipped to Texas ?

  9. Got lucky when we stopped in the STJ location a week ago. Flew a bottle with me back to Michigan and I already need more. Too far to commute regularly, any way to have it shipped?

  10. Bones rum omg the service is great the people in st.thomas is excellent and that bartender Detra is the best because of her im gonna move to st.thomas great people, amazing views and great food and the best rum on st.thomas if i had to rate bones 10 being the highest 12 for me poor your own rum the best ever!!!!!!!! Love Ya BONES and i love the bartender had fun!!!!!:)

  11. THE GREATEST FIND EVA!!! Was on a cruise, did our own thing, and stumbled across Bones….the bartenders there had us cracking up the whole time! I’m not normally a frozen drink kinda guy, but she told me she would take care of me. She gave me a mix of 2 different frozen things, and we took care of the rum. What a great idea!!! Drinks were great, and the price was too good to miss. Cant wait to go back!

  12. We were there this past February and love, love the rum. Purchased a couple of bottles to go, but sadly enough we are now out. Wish we could purchase some more before our return in 2013.

  13. Hey, Loved the place, couldn’t visit – ferry coming! Need a t-shirt – tell me how to order!


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