New restaurant: Barefoot Cowboy Lounge

Remember Laurie Toth, the entrepreneur who started the Saltwater Gypsy consignment store at The Lumberyard a few months ago?

Meet her boyfriend, Wayne Campbell.

Wayne moved to St. John a little more than a year ago, and after having fun bartending at Spyglass for a while, he was itching to start his own business. Which he has.

Wayne now runs The Barefoot Cowboy Lounge, on the consignment store’s Lumberyard porch, the same place that used to be Polli’s Mexican restaurant, next to the Lucky Pagoda.

Wayne serves homestyle lunch with daily specials like pulled pork sandwiches, brisket and red beans and rotisserie chicken and rice, all with a Texas twist. And he’s working on an idea he’s thinking of calling Family Night: a potluck dinner with a cash bar and dishes brought up by locals.

The Barefoot Cowboy is open Monday through Friday from 11 am to 7 pm.

16 Replies to “New restaurant: Barefoot Cowboy Lounge”

  1. Wayne,
    Will be there soon, best wishes from the gin clear waters of Anguilla !! Kathy & Gary

  2. Request Wayne’s famous Texas “SOUP SANDWICH” from the boys on tha backrow.


  3. Git-R-Done Wayne! Make us Texas boys proud. Those were some good ol sandwiches wernt they Rod.

  4. wayne–thanks for your Texas hospitality while on the island the week of august 12, 2011. all 5 of us enjoyed the hell out being at you cafe and bar. the drinks were fabulous; and the food–the best on the island.

  5. We had the pleasure of meeting Wayne and visiting his beautiful place the week of Aug 12th. Had more than a few cocktails and many, many laughs. I have officially added ‘by golly’ to my New Jersey vocabulary…..

    God willing we will see Cruz Bay again soon.

  6. Wayne, i heard you had moved and opened up your own place. Way to go. Wish you the best of luck! Maybe i’ll make it there someday to see it. Sounds like paradise.

  7. “Bring IT!” Looks like The Haus is doing just fine there on the Island. Hope to see you soon. Best Wishes to you and your lady!

  8. We stopped in at the Barefoot Cowboy for happy hour for Wayne’s $2 beers and try his pork sliders. To our surprise this was the best smoke pork and brisket on the island. The place is off the beaten path, very small but what a heck of a view of Cruz Bay.
    I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking to get away from the tourists traps and enjoy food, fun and drinks with friends.

    Roy Reichow

  9. met Wayne Sept of 2011 and had some great time. Bringing my sons down in March and they can’t wait to check out the bar. Super happy the bar is doing well, Wayne’s a great guy. See you soon.

  10. Small but unforgettable! It can’t get any better than some great Texas bbq in paradise!!! The location is just across from the ferry dock so no excuses not to swing by on your way in or out of St. John…you won’t be disappointed. Wayne, the owner, took excellent care of our large group and fed us like kings. Holly, the bartender, was super friendly and amazing with names. She remembered everybody’s name after first introductions and let me add that we had a group of approx 30…AMAZING!!! So please swing by and visit Wayne and Holly and make sure you tell them Julia said hello. If they don’t remember, tell them I was with the large wedding party back in September who LOVED the fruity rum punch special being served. You two are #1!!! Thanks again!

  11. Hey Wayne, it is Rachel. Thought about you and the kids, was wondering how you are? Talked to Kprow a while ago and he told me you moved. I tried calling you in January about Mark’s heart attack but it didn’t work. If you don’t want communication with me for a reason, I will understand. I hope you are well,and thx for being a good friend to Mark and a friend to me when I was younger.

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