And the winner is….

Congratulations to Islandhopper for finding all 16 island-centric plants in the General McWade meets President Obama photo.

Xislandgirl came very close, as did Yez, who, like some, overshot with things Greg didn’t add. But it was Islandhopper who found the one thing nobody else saw (us included.) The Spanish Doubloon pin on Wade’s jacket.

They were:

-Medical Marijuana jacket pin
-Tropical motif tie
-Neptune jacket pin
-Corps tat on Wade’s neck
-Petroglyph ring on Obama
-Love tats on Obama fingers
-Trunk Bay picture on wall
-Freedom statue on credenza
-Cruzan single barrel rum on desk
– USVI lapels instead of MC lapels
-Wade nametag
-Skull and Crossbones buttons
-U.S. Virgin Islands flag medal
-Spanish doubloon pin
-Jamaican flag pin
-Jolly Roger flag pin

And just for fun, (#17) Greg makes a political statement…and puts a book titled “Socialism” on the President’s desk.

And for your winning powers of observation Islandhopper…your prize is….a Bongo purse!

5 Replies to “And the winner is….”

  1. NOOOO, the Bongo purse alludes me once again. I will never get a Bongo purse!

  2. cool, i’m surprised i actually got them all. fun contest, and my fiancee is exited about the purse!

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