A week’s worth of rain

It has rained at least a little and mostly a lot every day for seven straight days.

That picture is absolutely the honest amount of captured rainfall this last week!

8 Replies to “A week’s worth of rain”

  1. good morning,
    please, rain no come in November…..
    (last year – Thomas hit stj with lots of rain)
    finally a sunny day in nj.
    have a great weekend

  2. I am seeing announcements that the Wagapalooza has been postponed to May 28th. I am guessing that is because of the rain.

  3. Just got back from our first two-week visit and I guess you can thank me and Jac for bringing some much-needed rain. Had a great time anyway and, out of necessity, have largely overcome my fear of negotiating Jacob’s ladder and various scary switchbacks in the rain.
    By the way, is there some kind of prize awarded for surviving two separate termite swarms in one trip?

  4. Incidentally, I can confirm that the electric mosquito zapper also works on termites.

    Gotta get one of those things.

  5. Yep, and we were there all 7 days. Also still had a wonderful time, but I GAINED my fear of the switchbacks, and our dirt/rock but soon-to-be concrete drive in Coral Bay, in the rain haha. And apparently we brought the rain back with us to Dallas!

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