Wagapalooza postponed

Late breaking news. Wagapalooza has been postponed due to the rain. No kidding!

The ball field is a mud field and the ACC’s big fundraiser, wisely so, will be rescheduled. We hear it’ll be next weekend at a location to be determined. We’ll post an update.

Take those costumes off your dogs!

4 Replies to “Wagapalooza postponed”

  1. Our dog Molly was ready to defend her title from last year. Best Tail isn’t just some frivolous award, after all. This gives the community another week to donate even more money to a remarkable group. They have suffered through some tough financial times this past year — but they are stronger than ever now. Sendoney now. Oh, and watch out for Molly —- she is determined to win!

  2. Beach to Beach is next Sunday. Don’t lose postential ‘parents’ and have it on Saturday, ok??!! It is really hard to choose when there are multiple great causes which occur on the same weekend!!

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