Trunk Bay Overlook, revisited

It has been seven years since St. John artist Elaine Estern last painted St. John’s most iconic vista, the Trunk Bay Overlook.

“I was inspired to paint it again. It’s a right of sorts for artists on St. John to see if they can get it better each time they paint it, ” Elaine tells us, “It’s my favorite image in the new calendar, and it’s

7 Replies to “Trunk Bay Overlook, revisited”

  1. There is nothing like looking at these paintings everyday & reminding me of STJ. Thank you Elaine!

  2. Just beautiful. I ordered several calendars but alas the original Trunk Bay painting is sold.

  3. We’ve got 8 of her prints on our walls and I can’t wait to get back and take a look at the new ones. We love Elaine’s work.

  4. I used last year’s calendar to decorate our lake house!!! They look great on the walls in white frames! The colors are so vivid! Thanks, will look for the new one in December!

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