Marriott takes over Scrub Island

Marriott has planted its flag close by, on private Scrub Island, just east of Tortola in the BVIs.

Marriott, which runs the Frenchman’s Reef hotel on St. Thomas, will make the Scrub Island Resort & Spa part of its new Autograph Collection.

Scrub Island, a 230 acre island, was developed as a resort by Florida developers last year, the first private island development in the BVIs in 15 years, Marriott says. It includes a marina, 67 rooms, suites and villas, restaurants and beaches.

Looks like you can book for around $400 a night right now.

9 Replies to “Marriott takes over Scrub Island”

  1. Let’s hope they run it better than they do the FR. What a ghastly hotel…at least the 2 times we’ve stayed there. I am cursed when it comes to that place.

  2. It may look like heaven to some, but I guarantee it’s living nightmare to whoever underwrote that thing.

    One day it will be success, but it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. When possible, I think these things should be planned to succeed on a very small scale before they are expanded – and then only when demand (and the numbers) warrant it.

  3. so…is this a “if we built it, they will come” kind of development…instead of a “people want it, so we will build it” undertaking?

  4. Indeed AJR, This video should give pause to the knucklehead who thought he was going to put 100 villas on Thatch Cay. There just isn’t a market for homes on small islands. They are great places to spend a few days (see Peter or Cooper Islands), but very few people REALLY have the means or mindset to make a home on a few acres surrounded by water.

  5. Rob, ITA about Frenchmen’s Reef. What a horrible property. Staff is so rude and could care less if you are happy. Rooms are awful. Food is the pits. Not one redeeming feature. THey need to take some lessons on how to make a customer happy from the JW Marriott in Cancun.

  6. I remember going to dinner at Donovan’s Reef on Scrub Island before the development started.

    Listening to Beans atop Marina Cay at happy hour followed by dinghying over to an otherwise deserted Scrub Island for dinner is one of my fondest memories of sailing the BVIs.

  7. Just got back from 5 days at Scrub. Very nice upscale. However there are more than a few half built houses that are in foreclosure or distresses that are an eyesore. Most are on the other side of Little Scrub and cannot be seen from the resort. Would recommend the vacation there however.

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