Orion makes it to America

Say hello to Jessica Akers, from Atlanta, who helped get ACC pup Orion to his new owners, Seth Jones and Heather Allen in Charlotte.

And Orion is settling in to his Charlotte home already.

“Orion is awesome!, ” says Heather. “He’s already sitting, shaking and staying on command, and we took him to a five acre dog park in Charlotte this weekend. He was a little nervous at first, but loved playing with the other puppies. ”

The shelter took in five new dogs last month, and two of them have already been adopted by people visiting St. John for 8 Tuff Miles.

8 Replies to “Orion makes it to America”

  1. Jessica is awesome- she was in our ‘Team Mimosa” group for 8 Tuff, and by the end of our trip, we took 3 ACC pups (including Orion) home. Love those ACC pups and people like Jessica who help them get to their forever home!!

  2. So happy for my niece, Heather! She truly loves St. John, she can’t wait every year to go with us. Thanks Jessica for Helping get Orion home!

  3. i am so happy orion was able to get to his new home! i am sure he is one happy lil boy! GO team mimosa for getting 3 doggies a new home!! 🙂

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