Annie’s Animals: A Manta Ray

Manta Rays in Francis Bay have been all the buzz in recent days.

They’re beautiful to look at, but don’t touch one. It won’t hurt you. It might hurt them.

Find out why, and take a swim with a Manta Ray at Francis Bay in the latest installment of Annie’s Animals, from artist Annie Caswell, below!

13 Replies to “Annie’s Animals: A Manta Ray”

  1. Wow. Who knew they could get to 5000 lbs. That is huge! Wish I was at Francis Bay today. Q-Ball

  2. So where do they usually habitate? There is a lot of excitement about them being there, are they far away from their natural home? Do you think their presence is temporary or will they be there for a while? What do you think brought them there? They seem so beautiful, I will be there in 2 weeks, hope they are still around. When I was at Maho last October there were tons of sting rays, but these Manta Rays are much, much bigger.

  3. What is the difference between manta rays and sting rays? Beside size, stingrays are smaller and can sting and manta rays cannot. It is best to observe both rays from a distance. Thanks for the beautiful video. PS: Where is our Maho Beach Break? It was voted best beach right? 🙂

  4. Touch a manta ray…yeah right…I almost screamed like a girl when a little sting ray buzzed my knee caps for the first time…word was they had just passed a law forbidding the feeding of rays on St. John, so he/she was just looking for a free handout… but in my mind it was coming to chew my leg off:o)

  5. I saw it today! Looks like a Stealth bomber. Photos aren’t doing it justice. Thank you for Annue’s video. I was shocked this afternoon to see how many people were diving down to touch it. Look at some if the other You Tube videos…some clearly show swimmers diving down and touching it. Is there a way to “catch” these people who clearly have no respect for such a majestic creature?

    Didn’t know she’s a girl — could we be expecting? Maybe thats why shes here? Quick. A baby shower!

  6. What a beautiful creature. We were told of one when we were there in November, but didn’t see her (or him). We were lucky enough to see a huge Spotted Eagle Ray though. That was quite a sight too. Hope to see some more when we are back in December.

  7. We just spent last Wednesday at st John and saw the huge manaray- very amazing and beautiful creature- I feel blessed to have seen one while snorkeling with the family- thanks for sharing the video!. Cheers! BB

  8. I snorkeled alongside one at Francis for about 20 minutes (no touching!) between Christmas and New Years, it was an amazing experience, and a great memory.

    My prescription goggles might have made it look bigger, but my estimate was about 8 feet wide and maybe 15 feet long, measuring tip to tip.

    Kind of sad that the secret is out…

  9. Saw it today!!!! Was not expecting to see it,scared me to death swimming right at me!!!! Made a bee- line for shore wasn’t sure what they ate and it was bigger than me!!!!! Wished I had seen your video first:)still think it would have scared me though LOL!

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