Lunch of the Week: Cafe Livin’

Today’s Lunch of the Week takes us to Cruz Bay and Cafe Livin’.

Here we have the falafel sandwich: Chickpea patties with lettuce, tomato and tzatziki sauce in a warm pita for $8.

And the pulled pork sandwich: House smoked pork on a Kaiser roll with fries for $10.

The fast and friendly service from owners Bill and Olivia, free.

13 Replies to “Lunch of the Week: Cafe Livin’”

  1. Love, love Cafe Livin! The food is excellent and Bill and Olivia are terrific people.

  2. Just curious- I love these posts about where and what to eat but have always wondered- are these sponsored ads? I hope you are at least getting free lunch for the publicity!

  3. You pay for food….but what about all those bushwhackers and painkillers???? You must have a very interesting tax return when you list your business expenses…it would make for a fun read :o))

  4. good afternoon,
    love their food. great iced tea also.
    Diana, they are just outside of the
    entrance to High Tide.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Marcia,
    Yes, this used to be Mojo Cafe.
    Cafe Livin’ is located right next door to St. John Spice.

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