The Fork’s creator speaks out

An effort to rebuild Gifft Hill’s famous Fork in the Road is already underway, and the guy who built the original Fork, and rebuilt it several times is getting a kick out of this:

“To all who have responded to the Fork accident:

I am amazed at how many people are concerned and interested in the Fork in the Road. The original Fork was made of plywood in 1984, so Majestic could find the road to deliver concrete when I was building my home.

For the next 5 years it was replaced every year because of vandalism. It was painted green on St.Patty’s day 1987. In 1992 after a bus backed over it I made it out of concrete. It lasted until 2002 when another bus backed over it.

I rebuilt it again making the bottom area thicker. It is because of the fork that the road was eventually named Fork in the Road.

I would love to come back to St John and rebuild the Fork.  Thanks for making something that started as a joke so important.” -Bird Man Jack.

3 Replies to “The Fork’s creator speaks out”

  1. Once it’s been rebuilt, I wish it could have its own webcam. Catch future vandals & make them PAY! The fork (and subsequent naming of the road) is pure St. John whimsy, and it should be an official island landmark.

  2. It would be terrific if Jack and best friend Ted could both come back to work on the project. Yez’s webcam idea gets my vote. The Fork obviously needs protection.

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