The Jeep has a permanent home

Meet Toni Greene, who, along with husband Stan, are the latest and the final owners of the custom 1985 Jeep Scrambler.

Toni has named it Sunshine.

The Greenes, from New Hampshire, are the third owners in three months of this three-time fundraising Jeep and they say they are keeping it.

“I saw it at the Marketplace when I was down in February and bought some tickets as a gift for Stan,” says Toni. “I was heartbroken when we didn’t win it, but when Stan saw on your Website that it was being auctioned off again, he started bidding on it.”

He didn’t tell Toni they’d won the bidding until her birthday.

“He gave me my birthday card, and inside was a picture of the Jeep and a note that said ‘Enjoy your present,'” Toni says.

Stan and Toni plan to retire on St. John and eventually buy or build a house. Until then, it’s at a friend’s, and waiting for Toni’s visits.

All told, this Jeep raised a total of $18,000 for Gifft Hill School. Not a bad return on investment.

3 Replies to “The Jeep has a permanent home”

  1. Toni, just stick a knife in my heart and give it a few good twists!!!! I was going to buy land and build a monster villa designed around my…er…your Jeep… I even picked out one of those cardboard evergreen air fresheners to hang on the rear-view mirror… you call it “Sunshine” but in my mind it will be forever known as “Badass Sunshine”… maybe you can make a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of Jeep cam?

  2. Toni!

    Congrats. Won’t be needing my tire changing skills anytime soon with “Sunshine” there.

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