Coming soon: The Terrace Restaurant

The old Stone Terrace restaurant space is returning to its roots in a way, aiming for the niche for high-end dining.

Say hello to Robin and Erica Miner, and son Elijah, the island’s newest restaurant owners.

The Terrace, which plans a soft opening in mid-October, won’t cater to everybody, with entrees $30 and up, but Robin and Erica think they have the culinary chops to pull it off.

The theme will be French-inspired fine dining. A similar theme did very well for the old Stone Terrace for many years.

Robin and Erica moved to St. John from Madison Wisconsin in 2004. Erica spent three years at La Tapa before serving as Executive Chef at St. John Waterfront Bistro when it opened. Robin worked briefly at the Stone Terrace, spent six years at Rhumb Lines and the last year or so at Banana Deck.

“We’re going back to the same high-end style of the Stone Terrace,” says Erica. “It’s also is a huge help that I have had the experience of opening another restaurant on St. John.”

The Terrace plans to be open six nights a week for now, and seven nights when High Season gets underway.

The view is a guaranteed hit.

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  1. Best of luck! Stone Terrace was a favorite. Every year friends would come spend a week and celebrate my birthday with me. We’d sit at the bar and just keep ordering oysters Rockefeller (and a whole lot of booze)!!! Another friend’s son finished the entire dessert sampler after dinner.

  2. Absolutely thrilled something similar is going back in that gorgeous location. It was our favorite for years, so we are hoping to add it back on the must do list. Our first question: Will Dave and Sharon be back?? They really made Stone Terrace feel like home year after year 🙂

    Wishing you much success!

  3. Fantastic news for St. John. Stone Terrace was our “go to” place night after night every year we were there. Whether it was just for a drink and appetizers at the bar or full meal in the dining room, it never disappointed.

    Best wishes to the Miners. (Side note: We’re from Madison, WI).

  4. Best of luck to them. We will be sure to stop by in February. The Stone Terrace was one of our favorites.

  5. Congratualtions on the step up to ownership. Erica in the kitchen and Robin at the bar should be a team. It is tough for a husband and wife duo, but they have had enough experience on the island to not let alot of things get in the way. The Terrace (Stoned or not) was designed for upscale. Best of Luck


  7. Erica and Robin:
    We wish you well in your new venture. With your ability knowledge and dreams you guys will be a huge success. Can’t wait to see you guys and the Terrace in January.
    Jay and Jo

  8. That must be the southernmost Badger t-shirt in America…has anyone else noticed that all these people who live on St. John smile….alot?! Could it be they know winter is coming 🙂

  9. Finally. So happy about this! This location and history is just made for higher end eating. We always ate at the Old Stone Terrace, and that dining experience is important to St John and can’t wait to eat there in December. If you have good trained staff it will do well. I can’t tell you how many waiters and waitresses are not up to par these days. They can make it or break it for you. Good Luck and see you soon!

  10. Robin and Erica are two of the nicest and most talented people. Please support them as I will whenever I get down there. Guys, don’t be surprised when visitors through the year who dine there search you out and say “Mongie says hi!”.

  11. We just finished our first meal here at I want more!!! We had reservations at Zozos and Aselaro and my niece told me this restaurant was highly recommended by many foodies on the island. We are so grateful bc I just finished one of the best meals ever on the island. I had the Mahi Mahi and I will be dreaming of the dish for months to come. My husband had the stuffed Prawn. Tell me …. How does a chef turn prawn into lobster??? It was delicious! We did save room for dessert…. The mango cheesecake is one of a kind. I brought a piece home for later it was that good!!! Highly recommended!

  12. For how many years we’ve enjoyed listening to excellent live music on Sunday afternoons at Beach Bar and then going to Stone Terrace (or its predecessor) for dinner.

    We miss that! It’s a long-standing community event that draws people together each week.

    We hope the Terrace and the new owners of the Beach Bar can find a compromise that works for them both so we can continue our Sunday afternoon music followed by a Sunday evening
    we trust both establishments value our patronage enough to make a working arrangement.

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