Daisy the Duck’s morning walk

Lots of locals take their dogs for a morning walk on Cruz Bay beach.

But St. John artist Elaine Estern’s morning walk with her dogs Godiva and Truffle also includes her adopted duck, Daisy. (Remember Daisy’s story?)

“They greet me every morning on my way to the boat,” says Capt. Brandi, who sends us this video.

“Yes this is our normal morning walk to town. Two bird dogs with their pet duck,” Elaine tells us. “By the way, we think Daisy may be a Donald.”

Check out Elaine’s video too…of Daisy’s morning bath.

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  1. Elaine’s animals are so darn cute! Every time I’m on Island,I visit Elaine’s studio. Not just for her artwork (of which I own a few) but also to visit with her pets. Hope to see Daisy/Donald this May.

  2. I just got to meet Daisy while visiting Elaine’s studio last weekend- he/she enjoyed nibbling on our toes while we chatted with Elaine’s assistant. I got some cute pics of Miss (or Mr) Daisy. I will make sure to send them on to Elaine. CUte duck (and cute dogs!)

  3. Voice-over for “Daisy the Duck Surfing” (in the words of Maxwell the pig in the Geico commercial)…ahem….

  4. Loved the videos. Missing those daily walks on the beach with Godive and Truffle….and so cute to see the new addition to the family. Thanks for sharing. Give hugs to Godiva and Truffle for me.

  5. The Red Stripe and cigars should have given it away.


    Regardless, it must be cool having Daisy as a pet.

  6. “Daisy” is actually so people friendly and domesticated because she was rescued as a newborn from certain death as she was abandoned and was being swirled around all the boats at the customs dock during St John Carnival last year. The crew members of Kekoa rescued her and Captain Margie Coxe and her fiancé Sharp raised the duck – then named “Kato” – until she was old enough to be released back into the wild at Frank Bay. It’s nice to see she is still doing so well 🙂

  7. Cute! Why don’t you change his name to Day-Z ( like Jay-Z ) ? Sounds the same but more manly!

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