A Coqui Frog, up close and personal

You can’t escape hearing them, but it’s infrequent that you get to see one, especially up close.

The Coqui Frog, the tiny tree frog that sings that familiar evening song on St. John evenings.

Susan Sypniewski recently stayed at Wings Over Water on Devers Bay, and not only spotted a Coqui in the daylight, but got it on her finger and got a very good picture. (Click the picture to enlarge.)

“He was hanging out on the inside wall of the pool above the water line,” says Susan. ” I pushed him onto the ledge, grabbed my camera and put him on my finger. I had to take a few pictures because it was hard to focus but I finally got it. Then he hopped away.”

Missing the evening chorus? Enjoy a minute or so of Coqui singing below. They’re the ones that sing “co-KEY, co-KEY.”

10 Replies to “A Coqui Frog, up close and personal”

  1. If I remember correctly, these frogs are not native to the island and were brought to the island by boat on non native plants brought from Puerto Rico. They should be rounded up and sent back to Puerto Rico, where they came from.

  2. I could listen to these frogs 7 days a week and twice on Sundays. The sound alone brings me back to the rock.

  3. OK. This photo is NOT a coqui, it is one of our native tree frogs, a closely related species that does not go “coqui” but has a variety of other high-pitched noises. Coquis (Eleutherodactylus coqui) are native only to Puerto Rico, and they have been introduced to St John, the Westin in particular, with imported plants; they are gradually spreading from there to Chocolate Hole and up to Gifft Hill. They have just recently been heard in Cruz Bay. They prefer the moistest habitats and may never move to the drier shores and headlands. Coqui in Puero Rico=wonderful. Coqui on St John=not so good, certainly nothing to celebrate.

  4. Thanks for that. I closed my eyes and for a minute I was back at the Westin walking up the hill to our villa at night.

  5. I have never heard such a beautiful sound until I heard them on STJ.
    This brings me back…and love that sound.

  6. Just drove home from work on 15 miles of icy road in northern NJ. Nearly got killed and am still shaking. I’d give anything to hear those frogs right now & I don’t care what the heck you call ’em.

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